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Founded in 2006

Guitar Virtuosi Moscow International Festival was founded in 2006 by Moscow Philharmonic Society. Since then it has become one of the most well-known and recognized classical guitar events in the world and the biggest in Russia. The festival concert program traditionally includes four-six concerts within one week at the end of March and provides a unique opportunity to enjoy a remarkable choice of the classical guitar performances: solo recitals, duos, ensembles and concerts with truly a pearl of the world orchestral stage and one of the best Russian orchestras — Evgeny Svetlanov State Symphony Orchestra. Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow, one of the main Russia’s concert venues, is the festival venue since the very beginning.

The festival educational program launched at 2015 and features lectures and master-classes by the festival soloists and special guests and runs at the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music.

World famous classical guitar soloists from more than 20 countries including Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Austria, Israel, Russia, Netherlands, Montenegro, Hungary, Cuba and many others, such classical guitarists as Sergio and Odair Assad (Brasil), Aniello Desiderio (Italy), Zoran Dukic (Croatia), Pavel Steidl (Czech Republic), Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey and Ricardo Gallen (Spain), Kostas Kotsiolis (Greece), Marcin Dylla (Poland), Fabio Zanon and Jose Antonio Escobar (Chile), Jeremy Jouve (France) along with many other brilliant musicians performed in the festival over the years.

Every year rich palette of the classical guitar repertoire is carefully selected and includes the works from renaissance to modern compositions as long as the famous classical pieces arranged for the guitar. Every year festival program provides the great opportunity to listen to the classical guitar solo, in ensemble with other instruments and with a symphony orchestra.

More than 65 000 have visited the festival over its history while more than 5 500 come every year, not including the audience of the live streaming from Tchaikovsky Concert Hall available all over the world.

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Founded in 2016

The festival was founded in 2016 and “has grown up” from the annual concerts in a memory of a guitarist Alexander Ponomarchuk. These concerts have been orgimised by Artyom Dervoed since 2008.

Ensembles from St. Petersburg, Samara, Izhevsk, Belgorod and Moscow have already taken part in the festival evenings since 2016 and its geography is constantly expanding.
Any professional artist, who proposes a chamber music program which includes the classical guitar and passes a competitive selection can participate in the festival programs. All festival concerts are recorded and freely available on the Guitar Magazine YouTube channel.

The festival programs and the videos are the trustful ssource for the young performers for the repertoire ideas. The festival annually commissions chamber music works with young and eminent composers, thus expanding the chamber repertoire and giving the opportunity for young composers to present their works.

“It is absolutely necessary to develop an interest in chamber music, because playing with other instruments is an important life experience, and for many of young artists it could be a career path to be on stage, apart from being soloist.

We have three goals: to preserve the memory of Alexander Ponomarchuk (1980–2007) as an excellent guitar performer; to give hope to the stage for those who cannot make a solo career for a variety of reasons; to develop the guitar as a classic, academic instrument.” – Artyom Dervoed, classical guitarist, founder of the Golden Fingerboards festival.